Nintendo Switch Presentation Thoughts

Hello fellow Gamers and Casuals. Today I want to talk a little bit about the recent Nintendo Switch Direct that happened a few weeks ago. I’m not going to go over the whole presentation but I will go over part of the presentation.

Nintendo Switch Console –  The console is the greatest strength in the entire presentation. In a nutshell it’s basically a portable version of a PlayStation or Xbox One with its detachable screen.

Controllers – The console sports new controllers called “Joycons” which provide new sensitivities or feelings to a player gets when holding the controller. Thus giving more realistic gameplay and new innovative ways to play. It will also give developers new ideas about games they can create with the new mechanics. When I first thought about the Nintendo Switch I thought they were going to give up all the gimmicks and focus on traditional gameplay, but honestly this is better. We now have more types of games we can play from all generations such as the Wii, Wii U, and perhaps the GameCube.

Online – Okay they really just said there bringing online and then basically said “k bye cut to the next scene”, without explaining anything about it. If Nintendo had competitive online a lot of people would hop on the Switch Train. I really wanted them to reveal Smash Bros for Switch with new competitive online and new gameplay but I guess we will have to wait until they add more content. I mean why wouldn’t they add Smash bros for Switch?

Nintendo Switch First Party Titles (Some)

Super Mario Odyssey – This game honestly looked better than Mario Galaxy games in my opinion. Well no duh Mario Galaxy games are old what do ya expect. What I mean is I think the story, level design, and replay value will be much greater than of Mario galaxies. Bowser actually looked cool for once and last time I saw him be this cool was in Paper Mario Thousand Year Door. When I saw Mario walking in a town full of people I was blown away (Not really but it seriously looked good and different from what we usually see). If this was a launch title I wouldn’t be able to sleep right now, it’s a double-edged sword.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – I loved Xenoblade Chronicles and thought it was the best story driven game ever. If you haven’t played this game then I don’t know where you been but you must of been living under a rock or something or you must have working a nine to five job. This is literally the best Wii Game I’ve ever played besides Smash Bros. Okay back to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I wasn’t crazy about its art style. It was too Chibi Anime for my taste and it’s not that I don’t like anime because I do. It just took the seriousness out a bit when you remember Xenoblade Chronicles had a very serious atmosphere. Mentioning Xenoblade Chronicles, the graphics was average at best without any fanboyism bias in my fingers but me being brutally honest.But what made this game a masterpiece was the music, story, character design, and very well done memorable cut scenes. When I first played the game I didn’t expect much but after more and more hours it really shattered my expectations out the water. They should have stuck with Xenoblade X graphics to be honest. But what do I know, I’m not a developing their game as I don’t know their budget or their reasoning. I believe Chronicles 2 will have hard time living up to Xenoblade Chronicles but I have hope.

Zelda Breath of The Wild – Okay Just buy it enough said. The game looks phenomenal and you probably wont have time to leave your room for weeks after you turn the game on. Almost every Zelda game in the past has been very good, so why wouldn’t this one be? It would break logics and reasoning altogether. I’m not being a fanboy but this is the first open world Zelda game by Nintendo so you should be excited.

Arms – I think this fighting game is being underrated by many for how much potential it has.You know when your parents walk by and they see you playing games and say why is that fun. Well when you look at this game and not use the Joycons with new sensitivities this is the analogy I’m talking about. You can’t tell how fun it is until your holding the Joycons. I think the game will feel great to play once you have the new controllers.

Third Party Titles – I can already play them on my other consoles so I’m not going to talk about this today.

Overall opinion, I give this presentation a B- (Lucky I didn’t give you a C) because the release dates for most of the games were way off. There was a lot of hype then I saw the release dates and was like okay….. so we get Zelda and a gimmick game. They just didn’t reveal much launch games. I also was expecting maybe an Animal Crossing, Metroid, and a Paper Mario that’s actually worth a rupee. But that’s okay I got to keep my expectations in check. I know I didn’t mention Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but I may in future posts.

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Thanks for Reading!



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