Quitting Soda will Make you Smarter


I quit drinking soda 3 years ago. Ever since, my energy levels have become greater and my mind has become more focused. I haven’t gotten a cavity in the past year and my digestion has been better overall. Drinking soda has so much negative effects that it’s just not worth it. Upset bloating stomach, jittery focus, and a major crash after the soda gets done going through the body is just the beginning. It’s no wonder students who drink soda have a harder time studying and get good grades. Every time somebody drinks a soda they feel very good at the beginning, then comes the crash. The “I feel like crap now ” feeling happens. This is because soda has 39 grams of sugar which is about 2.7 tablespoons of sugar. Some people drink more than 3 cans a day which can lead to diabetes later in life. Skin is also affected negatively, so if you’re complaining about acne all the time remove soda as one of the problems. Teeth is also worn down by sodas acidic properties, so goodbye to enamel and hello cavities. At the end of the day if you want more energy, more focus (soda messes with brain chemicals), and overall a better body then quit soda.

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