Shopping Addicts in Retail


When I cashier, I come across people who I believe are shopping addicts. Some of them purchase mounds and mounds of clothing to no end. Some of them buy miscellaneous junk that literally has no use except for show. Animal statuettes, tiny glass houses, and a whole lot of useless knickknacks. The only use I see for these items is if a person wants their house to look nicer, but then again that’s subjective. So that’s not exactly a win-win cause as some people will think your a hoarder. It seems to me that senior woman tend to buy the most junk. I actually start to feel bad for these people because to me it looks like there getting ripped off. I’m not trying to be a hater, but I tend to wonder why people do this? From what I heard, people tend to buy things they don’t need to feel a sense of happiness during that time. This is not good financially because over time spent money accumulates(adds up). People look back and wonder where did the money go? Ding ding ding, we have a winner, clothes or any other items. I also think younger people buy too much clothes they truly don’t need. Clothes at the end of the day degrade over time and becomes useless. Gaining weight, losing weight, holes and rips from sports and labor, colors fading from wash are a few ways clothes degrade. Why spend thousands and thousands or hundreds of dollars on clothes each year? Why spend your hard-earned time to make money to look good for a short amount of time (1-2 years). I mean if you have a lot of money or are rich and not broke than it’s understandable. Im just saying guys, is it really necessary?

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