Will the Wii U Price Decrease because the Nintendo Switch?


Weeks before the Nintendo Switch presentation, the value of the Wii U was increasing. I believe this was due to the announcement of the Wii U shutting down production and obviously because people’s lack of knowledge before the presentation. After the presentation, the value of the Wii U decreased and when I mean decreased I mean astronomically. My theory is people are selling their Wii U’s to get the Nintendo Switch. Also because development of first party software for the Wii U has mostly ended. But the big questions is, will the Wii U’s value keep decreasing?  Let me know your thoughts. I believe this decline will eventually end after the calm of the storm (The Nintendo Switch Hype Train). When everyone becomes settled down with their Nintendo Switch. The value of the Wii U will increase once again not just because of that but because people will see what titles they cannot get on the switch in a year or two. Also because less people will be selling Wii U’s. That’s just my 2 cents, have a good day everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Will the Wii U Price Decrease because the Nintendo Switch?

  1. The library of the WiiU never really appealed to me, but I’d still love to have one just for collecting and experience purposes. Unfortunately, like most things Nintendo, I can only the prices dropping ever-so-slightly to liquidate some stock, and then the prices will climb swiftly back up like anything with an N on it tends to.

    Still, with a decent selection of first-party titles, I wouldn’t mind having one, but I think the Switch will immediately make me change my mind. It’s like buying a new car – you still love your old car and say you’ll keep it forever, until you realize you’re not using it and it’s taking up space 🙂

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    • First off, thank you for the comment. I agree with you about the price going back up swiftly after the Switch train stops. And yeah Nintendo games and consoles do tend to hold a lot of value over time. You can pick up a Wii U right now for as cheap as $140, which is crazy. The car analogy about which console to purchase is great. The question is, how many hours of play time can you push on the Nintendo Switch compared to the Wii U. I have pushed over 700 hours on Smash Bros alone. How much fun will you have before either console collects dust? If you haven’t owned a Wii U yet, you cannot possibly know how much fun you will have until you actually play some games. At the end of the day it’s a really hard choice. But then again Zelda Breath of the Wild is on both consoles. If you have a job then titles will more likely take longer to complete. This is just my logical reasoning :).


      • Wow, I wish I could find one for $140 cause I would probably buy it!

        Now’s definitely the time to buy – I’m sure folks on Craigslist and those types of sites will be trying to move entire collections so they can afford a Switch.

        I work full time, am getting married later this year, and am buying a house soon, so I know what you mean about not having a lot of time to complete games! 🙂

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      • Yes, right now is the farming season for Wii U’s. Online is your best bet because retailers aren’t as interested in dropping their prices reasonably. Probably get one on Ebay for around $180 give or take, or even lower on other sites. And yeah working takes so much time man. Being an adult can be rough sometimes. Goodluck on finding a good house :).


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