The Problems with Final Fantasy XV


I’m level 35 now in Final Fantasy XV with 25 hours of gameplay and I think I can finally give an impression of the game.

Thee Regalia Car


Immediately I was turned off from playing the game when I had to ride in a car. But cars are fun, why are you complaining? Rides can take up to ten minutes, more or less, to reach a quest location. You don’t even have full control over the car when you select manual driving. I literally go to the bathroom and browse my computer while I’m waiting to reach my destination. Sitting there and watching four dudes drive a car for ten minutes is sleep provoking. The good thing is you can upgrade the looks of your car and make it go faster, but honestly? Is it worth it? To me It’s a hindrance and burden of playing the game.

Thee Grind of Thy Quests

Car + Grind Quest with no relevance = boredom

Quests that I have encountered so far are all the SAME. You go there and fight this monster, you go to another location to fetch some ingredients. You go to another location and pick up some cart parts. Most of these quests are literally the same, there’s nothing unique about them. The items you pick up, whether it be cart parts, ingredients, or ores, are all the same object, they are shiny blue orbs to represent the object. After you travel across the world to complete your quest, you need to come back to get your reward. Really?

A Tale of Many Scenes


What happened to the fantastic story cutscenes like in previous Final Fantasies, Square? What happened to the character building to make me care about the characters. Square Enix, these are the best strengths you have. There are barely any cut scenes to get my adrenaline going. Another thing, every cutscene looks like it’s made differently. There was even a movie cutscene I saw you place from the terrible movie incarnation of Final Fantasy XV. What in tarnation were you thinking? What’s the main characters name again? I forgot. Oh Prince Noctis was it? How about the other three dudes?

Besides all that, the game is sort of fun. I like the combat, although I prefer normal Final Fantasy combat with turns. It’s not an I can’t go to sleep I must play type of game or I need to jump out bed when I wake up type of game. I think I need to keep playing to get into the deeper roots of the game. It’s going to be challenging (hint hint) but alas it shall be done.


3 thoughts on “The Problems with Final Fantasy XV

  1. With how much they put it in promotional material and advertised it, I at least expected to be able to drive the Regalia Car. The main mode of transport in the game is basically a cutscene. Quite disappointing indeed.

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