Why Minecraft is an Amazing Game!

I have included my mansion, duel arena, and twilight city builds in this blog.


Minecraft is a game changer, literally. It has impacted millions and millions of people’s lives in so many ways. It’s like a miracle to us gamers that swim in a plagued sea of uncreative titles. “Minecraft is stupid”, “The graphics are ugly”, “Oh my god (“____”) why are you playing this”, “Please turn of the computer, you’re lame” these are the voices of many ignorant people. And sadly, I was one of them who fell in this category. The blocky characters looked like downgraded Lego figurines. Because of this I almost never gave the game a chance and I would have missed a breathless title. These thoughts of ignorance happened six years ago, right before I started Minecraft on the Xbox 360 in 2012. I started to place blocks and then I started to build bridges to get over obstacles (I’m talking to you Creepers, Skeletons, and Spiders that were trying to eat me and blow me up). Later, I started to build houses to protect myself and beds to rest in this chaotic world. I would wake up to another glorious thrilling day in where I would scavenge for wood, hunt for food, and gather material, in the forests and sand dunes. I am instantly met with impending doom, attacked from behind by a coward. What happened? I run back to where I died, to a point I cant catch a breath because I’m so addicted, and the only clue that remains is gunpowder. I look around to get payback, instantly I am dead again, the cycle of life repeats, welcome to Minecraft. The madness starts again, the fun starts again, time to build myself up again (no pun intended). I chop some wood in order to make a wooden pickaxe and then I dig through the stone and dirt to make it underground. I find Redstone, iron, and diamond taunting me in the face (I couldn’t mine diamond with a wooden pickaxe). I hear a hissing noise and BOOM I am dead again. I became hooked, I was a Minecraft Addict, how embarrassing.



It’s been a veerrry long time since a game has given me this sense of exploration, wonder, and purpose. I felt like the sky was the limit. I built so many things, discovered Redstone (Minecrafts electricity) to create elevators, traps, cannons, safes and so much more. Now, I barely play Minecraft anymore. I have found another passion that intrigues me more, that is Programming. Another foundation in where the possibilities are endless. Anyways, good memorable times, Minecraft. Along with memorable music that will make you drop a tear. We need more creative titles like Minecraft in the gaming industry to make us wonder of the possibilities, once more, of what greatness lies await.



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