Is the Steam Controller Worth Buying?


This innovative alien controller created by valve has its pros and cons. I bought mine for $49.99 and have at least one month of experience with it. I think at it’s core, it’s a good foundation controller that is okay. The steam controller is great in some aspects but is NOT for everyone. It’s a love hate kind of thing.

Reasons to buy the Steam Controller

1. If you like playing strategy games like RimWorld, City Skylines, Civilization, Sims, and Factorio, then this controller is great. It feels much more intuitive and faster then the mouse. The controller also feels much more rewarding to play with, at least for me it does.

2. Fantastic for the television, sit back and relax on the couch with this controller. Use this controller to play strategy games and games that don’t require fast reflexes and precision. Walking simulators like the Stanley Parable is a good one.

Reasons to NOT to buy the Steam Controller

1. If you have carpal tunnel like me or arthritis then absolutely no. Moving your thumb on the track pad eventually becomes a workout. After an hour or two my thumb starts to hurt and I can no longer use this controller.

2. When playing a first person shooting game, I find it to be a handicap tool compared to a optical mouse. FPS games can take a lot of precision and with this controller it’s very hard to nail down that right precision before getting shot. At this point you might want to break your controller and ask for a refund.

3. The price is too much to risk for a gimmicky controller. You could buy a great gaming mouse for the same price. The batteries are also a pain to take out.

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2 thoughts on “Is the Steam Controller Worth Buying?

  1. I’m not a big fan of the concept of the Steam controller thumb pads, I’ll be honest. I’ve also never used one though so I’m not sure.

    However, I will say that Steam Link is an awesome thing to have if you like to PC game but you have TVs around the house you like to play on. The Steam Controller was developed with that in mind, but I use an Xbox 360 controller as I find the joysticks very comfortable.

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    • Steam link is a great item to use but since my television is in my room I just use a HDMI cord from my Wii U. I also use a Xbox 360 controller as well, very comfortable. But hey, eventually we’ll get a great pc controller that will be awesome. They just need more development time :P.


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