The AntiSocial Cashier


I use to be an antisocial person until I became a cashier. You could call me shy, quiet, disturbed (just kidding), and yes, I had all of those traits to some degree. I barely spoke in high school and people thought I was a mute. I literally talked to nobody except for like two people in school. Then one day when I applied for a job. Instead of getting the position of a production processor (producing clothes for the sales floor), I got the position of a cashier, how ironic. At first being a cashier was scary because I had to talk to all these random people and not screw up. Too many awkward situations at first, especially when I said “hi” and they don’t say anything back. Also when customers acted too nice and I start to feel really uncomfortable because I didn’t want to say something wrong but then I think who gives a crap, if they get butt hurt oh well. But over time I became use to everything and it became second nature. Being a cashier has thought me so many valuable things like, small talk (I hate small talk no offense, “how are you”, “good”), dealing with stupid people, and bettering my social interactions with the peeps, the bird peeps. I digress, it has improved my social skills which is priceless and made me get experience with the public. Even though I got paid peanuts for being a cashier, I gained very valuable skills that could be of use in the future. Sometimes in life things really do work out for the better even if you may not believe it.


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