How School Made Me Feel Stupid!


Ever since I have left elementary school, I have hated school. Everything I did felt like a order by someone to do something, it was too authoritarian for my taste. Everyday I was bounded by a desk and fed knowledge that I had to memorize to become “smart”. When tests came back around, I thought someone liked pouring red cherry Kool-Aid all over my papers for fun because of how many red “X’s” I got for incorrect answers. Then when the report cards came around I received lots of “E’s” for excellence, just kidding they were for failing the classes. Every year this process would happen over and over again, and no I am not justifying I did the right thing. However, this would make me feel stupider and stupider by the day and by the year. Math? My teacher thought I was the polar opposite of my brother who was smart, so that was another bonus. After graduating high school I became to realize that teachers aren’t as smart as we think they are. We give these people too much credit because they’re an adult figure and have a title called “teacher”. How smart and reliable can these teachers be if they do the same thing each and every year by following the curriculum they are forced to teach? How smart can someone that is not gaining any new knowledge be? The smart teachers are the ones that self teach themselves new knowledge every year. So, just because they have the “teacher” title, don’t ever think they have the right to tell you how smart you are. You are only as smart as you want to be. Grades are not only good for showing how good you did in a class but they’re also good for showing obedience in this authoritarian world. Let me know how you guys feel.

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