Anime is Not for Kiddies or Lames!


People seem to think that they can label other people as lame and childish for watching anime, and guess what, they can. But this is where things start to become crazy. Just because a show looks like a cartoon, that doesn’t mean it’s for kiddies or is lame. Sometimes I think people get their logical reasoning by believing in too many stereotypes and random gossip that is said enough to feel real. “He’s Asian, so he must be smart enough to do all my homework”. No! I’m only smart in the topics that I know about, not everything in the world. If we were stuck in the wilderness, would you want someone good at math and readings tests to guide you? Or a survival expert? Don’t answer that. I also don’t just watch anime because it looks like a cartoon, otherwise I would literally have no life. The irony is I think eighty percent of anime is mediocre, so if you watched a bad anime at someone’s house than I understand. But then you got the last ten percent of anime that blows your mind. The stories and scenes are very well written and played out. In return making me actually feel something for the characters even though they aren’t real. Also since anime is not real it has more potential and flexibility then real life reality shows. The music is unforgettable too and fit many of the scenes to make the world feel alive. I have watch Erased, Sword Art Online, The Legend of Korra and they are all fantastic. Okay, Legend of Korra isn’t an anime because its western, but still. Don’t judge a book by its cover or someone by their looks, otherwise you’ll miss out on some of the good things in life.

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