Working On Other Peoples Dreams But Not On Our Dreams!


How come people can work a nine to five job for others, but can’t work a nine to five job for themselves, to accomplish their dreams? People are told by their managers to do something they might not like all the time. But when it comes to telling themselves to do something, it becomes impossible! “I’m too lazy”, “I don’t feel like it”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I got this game to watch”. People do the same thing over and over again, each and every day, and are clueless and lazy to what is happening. They are being controlled by their feelings and lack discipline to control themselves. Me? I’m still struggling to work for myself. It’s not easy, or maybe it is, I don’t know. But what I do know from people who have accomplished major things in life, is that discipline is one of the keys. It’s one of the most important traits that will get us things done whether we feel like it or not. Here are a few explanations on why I think it is hard for people to get things done.

Limiting Beliefs – Limits that people cast on themselves and others like a curse. They feel like they can’t do something because of reasons that may or may not be true. The scariest part of this is when people aren’t even aware that they have limiting beliefs. How would someone go about breaking their limiting beliefs if they aren’t even aware of them? “I can’t learn algebra”, is a good example because in most cases that is not true. A lot of people who don’t know algebra can’t figure out the most common sense things to do. They will go through loads of nonsense and never figure it out. Some copy homework from others, but when it comes to test time, oh dear lord. Some will make excuses to make self-fulfilling prophecies come true, “see I told you I can’t do it”, and so it is true. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford. When all they had to do at the end of the day is open an algebra book and read it. Or maybe read the math books that came before it.

Lack of Discipline – The lack of order and obedience to control ourselves. Since we were a little child, we have been disciplined to behave in a certain manner or else we are deemed weird and that something is wrong with us. We have to act a certain way to get and keep a job. While at our job, I think most people are disciplined enough by society to keep their job and not flip out. Also some of us don’t want to lose our only money-making methods and get fired. The question that bothers me is, why can’t we have the same discipline that we have at work? Is it because at work we only have very few things were allowed to do, so we aren’t distracted? I mean a lot of us can’t control ourselves from the distractions and diversions that run our lives at home (television, social media, cellphones). Is this the loop we put ourselves through to get over the lack of fun at work? Maybe if we had less materialistic objects, became a minimalist, and cleared our minds of things to do, we would have enough mental clarity to be able to accomplish our dreams.

Lack of Faith People that don’t believe in themselves enough to make anything happen. Why waste time if we have already reasoned with ourselves on why we cant do something? Lack of faith and Lack of Discipline are knocking on our skulls here, buy one get one free. You know how some people are cheapskates with money and waste time like its nothing? Well, they wouldn’t be fussing over money and being cheapskates if they knew how to use their time well to make it. Okay maybe they would still remain cheap, but at least they would know how to use their time more wisely.

I will end this deep topic here, I could go into deeper thought but I think this is good for now. Goodluck to everyone that is trying to accomplish their dreams.

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Anime is Not for Kiddies or Lames!


People seem to think that they can label other people as lame and childish for watching anime, and guess what, they can. But this is where things start to become crazy. Just because a show looks like a cartoon, that doesn’t mean it’s for kiddies or is lame. Sometimes I think people get their logical reasoning by believing in too many stereotypes and random gossip that is said enough to feel real. “He’s Asian, so he must be smart enough to do all my homework”. No! I’m only smart in the topics that I know about, not everything in the world. If we were stuck in the wilderness, would you want someone good at math and readings tests to guide you? Or a survival expert? Don’t answer that. I also don’t just watch anime because it looks like a cartoon, otherwise I would literally have no life. The irony is I think eighty percent of anime is mediocre, so if you watched a bad anime at someone’s house than I understand. But then you got the last ten percent of anime that blows your mind. The stories and scenes are very well written and played out. In return making me actually feel something for the characters even though they aren’t real. Also since anime is not real it has more potential and flexibility then real life reality shows. The music is unforgettable too and fit many of the scenes to make the world feel alive. I have watch Erased, Sword Art Online, The Legend of Korra and they are all fantastic. Okay, Legend of Korra isn’t an anime because its western, but still. Don’t judge a book by its cover or someone by their looks, otherwise you’ll miss out on some of the good things in life.

Gaming on PC or Console?


PC versus Console, which one is better? PC (personal computer) is without a doubt much more superior in “hardware” compared to its electronic cousins, the consoles. Without a PC, consoles wouldn’t be that successful because developers need computers to make games. PC is also a powerhouse in software and tools and houses thousands of exclusive games. You can surf the internet, shop, watch movies, and create so many things like, art videos, videogames, and blogs. The PC has changed the world enormously. PC is also upgradable, the graphics are upgradeable enough to make the consoles graphics look laughable. Also you can have the best version of virtual reality, what can’t a PC do? Be cheap, that’s what it cannot do. If money wasn’t a problem, the PC would outweigh consoles in capabilities by a hundred mountains and more, in my opinion. Anyways, why buy a console then? Because, even though the PC looks like a rich kid that owns everything and is pitch perfect, the reality is he/she doesn’t have everything. Good PC’s are expensive and spending $300 (near cost of a console) only qualifies one to play Minecraft on low settings. Consoles on the other hand are cheap and have exclusives that PC doesn’t have. Also Consoles have different services and hardware benefits then the PC, unlike the past where it didn’t.

xbox juan.png

Reasons to buy a Xbox One Console over PC –  If you are a competitive gamer and love online capabilities and services along with exclusive games that take full advantage of this, Halo and Gears of War. The console is $299 + taxes and has a lot of features. No other console compares to online services like Xbox One and don’t even try to say the Wii U or the PlayStation 4. You can play with hundreds of friends, message each other by text or microphone, gain achievements, and have the most flexibility and freedom out of competitive online gaming. Not to mention you can listen to music while playing games and have multiple screens on the television for movies and apps. The downside of this console is the lack of first party exclusives and you can scratch Scalebound from that list because that has been cancelled. A controversy about the Xbox One is its owned by Microsoft which is good and bad. Xbox One’s biggest weakness is the lack of first party titles and considering that Microsoft has many businesses, I start to believe it’s not their main priority.

wii yew.png

Reasons to buy a Wii U Console over PC – If you love Super Smash Bros, innovation with hardware that gives you different ways to play a game, and only spending $299 + taxes. The graphics are good but not mind blowing like the PC. You can make use of the gamepad’s touchscreen features and play mini-games that involve throwing ninja stars, cutting pieces of paper, coloring pictures, hide and seek, shooting bows, and etc.. Too be honest, the use of the Wii U gamepad really never reached its full potential because of the lack of developers. The biggest downsides of the Wii U is the lack of third-party games and by far the weakest online capabilities. There was no real microphone use and talking to other people was as bad as using telegraphs from the 1800s. The friends list was mediocre and joining other players was a mental challenge. Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, and Mario Kart 8 were the only titles that made very good use of the little online features. There was rarely any lag while playing with others and the gameplay was flawless. The greatest strengths of the Wii U are the first party games and gamepad. Most of the first party games felt cherished and loved and received very high review scores. Nintendo truly knows how to make “fun” games and is a company who is driven at its best to make it happen.


Reasons to buy a PlayStation 4 over PC – PlayStation 4’s greatest strengths are the cheapest virtual reality headsets for $399 and best console graphics. They also have more first party exclusives then the Xbox One but IMO not as good as Nintendo’s. The online is good and better than the Wii U’s online. However, its online is not as good as Xbox One. PlayStation is a great console.

You may be wondering what platform I spend the most time on, that would be the PC. There is so many things to do on it. As for my most spent time Console, that would be the Wii U because the games are phenomenal. The next would be the Xbox One because I love competitive games and playing with friends. At the end of the day PC could never replace consoles. Even if I have a thousand dollar PC with many games.

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How School Made Me Feel Stupid!


Ever since I have left elementary school, I have hated school. Everything I did felt like a order by someone to do something, it was too authoritarian for my taste. Everyday I was bounded by a desk and fed knowledge that I had to memorize to become “smart”. When tests came back around, I thought someone liked pouring red cherry Kool-Aid all over my papers for fun because of how many red “X’s” I got for incorrect answers. Then when the report cards came around I received lots of “E’s” for excellence, just kidding they were for failing the classes. Every year this process would happen over and over again, and no I am not justifying I did the right thing. However, this would make me feel stupider and stupider by the day and by the year. Math? My teacher thought I was the polar opposite of my brother who was smart, so that was another bonus. After graduating high school I became to realize that teachers aren’t as smart as we think they are. We give these people too much credit because they’re an adult figure and have a title called “teacher”. How smart and reliable can these teachers be if they do the same thing each and every year by following the curriculum they are forced to teach? How smart can someone that is not gaining any new knowledge be? The smart teachers are the ones that self teach themselves new knowledge every year. So, just because they have the “teacher” title, don’t ever think they have the right to tell you how smart you are. You are only as smart as you want to be. Grades are not only good for showing how good you did in a class but they’re also good for showing obedience in this authoritarian world. Let me know how you guys feel.

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HyperSensitiveBob a Game that I Love and Hate


I bought this game for a $1.00 on the Steam Winter Sale on my PC a few months ago. And boy, my dollar surely wont be missed. But the reviews are mixed on steam, so how is it good? It’s a good game, however very short. It’s like I got served half a chocolate chip cookie while the baker ate the other half and then forgot the recipe. It’s basically a rock that could have formed into a diamond if given the time but taken out of the process too soon. My expectations were as low as they should be and I got what I got. HypersensitiveBob is a rage inducing game that will make you want to smash your keyboard into pieces and scream. If you like suffering, then here you go. It’s a rogue-like game in which a character who is allergic to everything must shoot all his allergies to smithereens to get to his cure, a vaccine machine. Bees, porcupines, weird balls of dust, turkeys and etc are exterminated in the process for their vaccine bottles and dopamine chemicals. It took me about three hours to beat the game however it’s very possible to beat the game in less than an hour. After dying countless times, I finally came back in my true super saiyan form and beat the game in thirty minutes.



The graphics are some of the best graphics I have laid my eyes upon, brimming with colors that gave me a Disney-like impression. The levels are small so avoiding enemies is like sitting next to someone in public transportation that stinks but you got no choice. Each time you beat a level you can choose an upgrade (more bullets, farther bullet range, more damage, etc). Would I pay $4.99 regular price for this title? Yes, if they were going to make a sequel to the game and give the other half of my cookie. What I mean by that is add more content because the game is too short. Would I pay a dollar? Absolutely!


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How Newton’s Third Law Broke My Hand


Newton’s Third Law – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I punched a friend for fun in the shoulder and broke my hand five years ago (2012). He said I could but that was a big ass mistake. It hasn’t healed properly since. Now I have symptoms of carpal tunnel which is not good. If I play a game too much with my right hand, it starts to hurt.

So what happened exactly?

I threw a punch at this guys shoulder and my fist tilted as I landed the punch because he moved. Instantly I felt a surge of pain and I staggered backwards (karma). His shoulder had given back Newton’s Third Law, and I was screwed.

Lesson of the day, don’t mess around and punch your friends for fun.

The AntiSocial Cashier


I use to be an antisocial person until I became a cashier. You could call me shy, quiet, disturbed (just kidding), and yes, I had all of those traits to some degree. I barely spoke in high school and people thought I was a mute. I literally talked to nobody except for like two people in school. Then one day when I applied for a job. Instead of getting the position of a production processor (producing clothes for the sales floor), I got the position of a cashier, how ironic. At first being a cashier was scary because I had to talk to all these random people and not screw up. Too many awkward situations at first, especially when I said “hi” and they don’t say anything back. Also when customers acted too nice and I start to feel really uncomfortable because I didn’t want to say something wrong but then I think who gives a crap, if they get butt hurt oh well. But over time I became use to everything and it became second nature. Being a cashier has thought me so many valuable things like, small talk (I hate small talk no offense, “how are you”, “good”), dealing with stupid people, and bettering my social interactions with the peeps, the bird peeps. I digress, it has improved my social skills which is priceless and made me get experience with the public. Even though I got paid peanuts for being a cashier, I gained very valuable skills that could be of use in the future. Sometimes in life things really do work out for the better even if you may not believe it.