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Overthinking Things Too Much!?


Whether it be interviewing for a job, or going out to eat, or trying to figure out how a programming or a math problem works, I think sometimes we can overthink too much. To the point where we make things much more harder or complicated then it actually is. Already thinking of how big a subject is or how hard something is beforehand actually creates a illusion of difficulty that wasn’t even there before. Many smart people overthink too much and sometimes this can stop them from getting something they want that an average person may have because not everything requires deep thought. Sometimes simplicity is the best answer to a problem. Sometimes just going with the flow of how to do something or learn something before thinking what it actually is a whole makes life much easier and solvable. Like in programming you might not know what anything is no matter how much you read about it until you close the book and start trying a few problems. But hey, this is my view on things, I hope you enjoy and have a great day.

Zero Profit Ebook!

ebook fail

I learned a lesson after publishing my first book on Amazon kindle. The lesson of no profit after seven hard months of writing. Okay fine…. I made a dollar throughout the whole 7 months of it being published on the platform (most likely from someone in real life I know.) But I lost about 200 dollars getting my book a cover illustration, proofread, and writing in Microsoft Word which costs 7 dollars a month. Not only that,  I lost alot of time because I fell for the e-book hype train. That making ebooks can make you tons of money (only true for a few individuals). So what went wrong I wondered? Well it’s not easy to find out the exact issue, but after doing some more research, this is what I’ve come up with. I published my ebook in the wrong niche or genre (so nobody is going to be able to find my book). Also I have no audience so no one knows it exists or will spread it around (no wonder companies pay for advertising). It’s not that my book is bad or anything, although it could be, just those two things are probably the main factors for its demise really. So I would say do the math before you write an ebook, and be weary of the risks before you spend time and money on writing a ebook.