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Being Off Work for a Month and Time


I have been off work for a while. A month in fact. Time goes by so much slower compared to when I worked. A month jobless feels like forever because I have so much more time. A month when I had a job felt like it would go by in a blink of the eye, very fast. I think when you have something to actually do, time goes fast. I  began programming in the past few days, and time would actually fly by as fast as when I had a job. This is just how things work I guess. But do I miss a job? Heck no haha.

Interviews Make Me Cringe


Interviewer: Hi nice to meet you, Age was it?

Shakes the guys/girls hand*

Age: (Did I grip this persons hand too soft?) (Oh no, I just gave an impression that I am a weakling, I’m definitely not going to get the job).

Age: Same.

Interviewer: Excuse me? Your name?

Age: Oh yeah, it’s Age.

Interviewer (Okay….?) We are going to the break room to do your interview.

2 minutes later.

Interviewer: Take a seat.

Age sits down next to the interviewer.

Interviewer: Another chair please, across from me, not besides me.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself.

Interviews, one of the most socially awkward interactions a human being can have. Not just for the interviewees but on both sides of the table. You show up and basically have to explain yourself to a stranger about why they should hire you. Hello??? Because I want the money, duh? No, wrong, interview is over. You feel urged to lie to get the position. “I would love to work here because putting clothes away and interacting with customers has been a passion of mine, since childhood”. “Every chance I would get in school during recess I would read books on retail and how to be the best employee”. “I dream retail, breathe retail, and wake up with my atomic particles charged by retail”. Ok seriously, don’t say those last two lines or they’ll think your crazy. Anyways, you stare back at the interviewer with the most awkwardness smile ever to show an ounce of care in hope for you to get a job. You position yourself to not look hostile. All of a sudden your words become a gamble and the adrenaline pumps in. If you say the wrong thing or stumble across your words like a horse at the end of a pot race, may the gods be with you. Interviews are an inception of very very awkward situations, but it’s needed. We wouldn’t want to be hiring any crazy people guys, would we? Goodluck on your interviews everyone.

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How I go about Choosing a Good Videogame


Choosing the right videogame to buy can be challenging. My first thought is what type of games do I enjoy the most, whether it be RPG, Strategy, or FPS. If the game scores above 7 out of 10 between many reviewers then the game will be on my radar for buying. I then look at all the trailers I can find and lets plays. Finally I look at what crowd does the game appeal too. Does the game appeal mostly to Casuals? How seriously can I take their opinions and reviews if they don’t game that much to have any experience with similar titles? Does the game appeal to Hardcore Competitive Gamers who dedicate hours on end and sink almost every thought they could in the game. Yeah, I think I’ll take the Hardcore gamers opinion more seriously.



If the game is on steam I check the reviews and average out the amount of gameplay hours between about twenty people. It’s to gain a gist of how long I will be playing it. The amount hours you play in a game should be related to how much money you should spend on a game. If a game gives 3 hours of gameplay and only costs $1 then you are HIGHLY LIKELY to get value then getting a disappointment. Now if you spend $60 on a videogame and you saw it had good reviews and it only had 10 hours of gameplay, was it really worth it? Maybe. You are risking $60 for a CHANCE to get a good game. Minimum wage in USA is about 7 dollars an hour, so 10 hours of gameplay should = $70 right, I got the value I wanted, right? Only if you truly enjoyed the experience that you couldn’t stop thinking about it, then yes it was. There are just too many crappy games nowadays to justify risking $60 dollars to be honest.


If developers spent many years on a game then I am more likely to buy it. Chances are it’s polished and loved with the dedication of time. If the developers spent a year or less on the game then you are more likely going to get crap. Remember, time is priceless. So developers who spend the most time to create a game build the most value, and you are least likely to be disappointed.

To sum it up, buy a game if it has good reviews. If it appeals to your crowd and you watched a lot of trailers you liked. The amount of time you get in a game versus what you paid for it is great and that the game was fun. Lastly how much time has the developer sunk into the game to make it as good as it possibly can.

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What being a Cashier in Retail is like.


Cashier: How is your day?

Customer: Good.

Customer: How much is it?

Cashier: It’s $3.25 sir.

Customer: Hold on I got the change.

(Digs in wallet or purse for 5 minutes holding up the line.)

Rinse and repeat over 100 times per day for minimum wage salary. The dialogue is basically the same with alternative phrases.

Being a cashier in retail can be tough. Especially when you got to put clothes and items away for customers to buy. You basically repeat the same lines over and over again like a robot all day. Managers tend to reinforce positivity even if you feel like crap. Smile more they say, you know what I cant be 100 percent positive all the time it’s called I’m not genetically inclined too. Sometimes when you forget to tell customers to have a good day, they look at you like your being rude. Look, I am at least allowed 1 day out of 365 to not say “have a good day”. Besides all that, 95% of customers tend to be cool and make your day go easy. I love when people actually talk to you about something not related to something they want. I tend to be extremely bored at work because there is virtually nothing fun to do, especially when I am the only one working the floor. Sometimes you get good coworkers to make your day go easy and sometimes the exact opposite that makes you want to stay home. This is only a little piece of what being a cashier is like.