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Splatoon 2 Thoughts After 2 Weeks


Splatoon 2 is a fun game in my opinion, especially when you have the right food to enjoy it with. For example, I buy coconut drinks to feel like I’m more in the sea atmosphere that is Splatoon (sounds weird right haha) but it helps with immersion. I’m having a lot of fun in salmon run, rainmaker mode, and tower control (my favorite modes) as I don’t like spraying turf that much with ink. Online can be a bit painful sometimes though with disconnects when using the game in handheld mode, but docked is fine. Music can be a hit or miss, I loved the salmon run music along with the Mr.Grizz menu music, I’m not crazy about the multiplayer music. Overall great game, worth the buy and I haven’t even touched the story yet.

I Bought a Nintendo Switch by Waiting in Line! (My Experience)


When the switch came out at 12:00 midnight, I missed the console release because I decided to be a risky frisky guy and showed up thirty minutes before it officially released. At 11:30PM at Walmart. I was sitting at my computer eating tater chips and feeling lazy. I wanted to wait as short of a time as I could to get the Nintendo Switch. I come to find out that there was a small line already waiting and camping out, and my chances of switching it up was now on cracked ice. When I finally reached the top of the line I was told “Did you preorder?”, “No?”, “Sorry, we ran out of Nintendo Switches, but we still have accessories”. (“____’)  Does it look like I want mother _ _ _ _ kin accessories for my Nintendo Switch placeholder spot which was now being overshadowed by sadness? Just kidding I wasn’t being that over dramatic or dramatic at all but not going to lie I was disappointed a little bit. But anyways,  I prepped myself beforehand to feel disappointment so I wouldn’t get mad. Before I got there I thought in my mind that I wasn’t entitled to one anyways and that I should be grateful for all the stuff that I already have. This made me feel a whole lot better instead of having the “entitled” mentality. Later that night I woke up before the crack of dawn and waited in line for 2 hours at GameStop. I am fourth in line, yay! Not only am I fourth in line, but I am the LAST one to get a Switch. My patience is rewarded. I am not bragging and if you didn’t get the switch, I’m sorry, this is just my experience. I hope everyone has an awesome day and please be patient if you didn’t get a Switch and you too will be rewarded.

Too Much Repetitiveness in Games Nowadays


Gaming can feel like a chore to me some days. When you have played so many games you start to see a pattern. A pattern of go fight this monster, destroy a hundred of this enemy, and farm 300 potatoes to unlock carrots. Fetch quests, grinding monsters to level up, and FPS games where you don’t unlock anything can be a bore. It feels like a job I should be getting paid for. There Is barely no more surprise or reward unlocks anymore because they have been replaced by micro-transactions and laziness. Collecting is fun and all but not in the way Final Fantasy XV does it. Hey can you go to point B to press the X button to collect this item and come back to point A to collect your reward. Hey can you go to point B to destroy this monster and come back to point A to collect your reward. Hey can you go to point B to take this picture and come back to point A to collect your reward. This will make you fall asleep. Mindless, zero-brain- activity needed fetch quests. My guinea pig could complete the quest without even looking at the screen or touching the controller. Anyone and I mean anyone on this planet can make this crap up. Quantity over Quality is almost never a good idea. You see this in a lot of RPG games and MMOs. I wouldn’t mind these quests as much if every once in a while you give us a meaningful one or something surprising happens. Call of Duty Franchise, don’t even get me started, you do not need an explanation. More repetitiveness, Triple A developers keep making the same games in a Franchise every year. I have no problem with that but at least make the game good instead of another carbon copy for $60. The only hope left is the indie developers, Nintendo, and Virtual Reality.

Should You buy Nintendo Switch?


The Nintendo Switch is a console that is very hot right now. Smoking hot in fact, preorders gone faster then a Black Friday super rush. Selling faster then hotcakes. That should say something, the hype train is upon us and it’s time to hop on. No but seriously, should you buy Nintendo Switch for $300 USD on March 3rd? Only if you are content and comfortable with only having  Zelda Breath of the Wild as the only first party launch title. Along with Super Bomberman, 1 2 Switch (gimmick game), and smaller indie titles. The bigger titles release later. If you have not purchased a Wii U yet, then this would be the best opportunity right now to get one if you can’t afford Switch. They are selling very cheap and there are so many fantastic very highly rated titles on there. If you have a lot of money in general, don’t have to worry about bills, and are interested in the launch lineup then I would buy the Switch. If you are broke, not content with these titles, or just unsure in general, then wait. Have some patience before you do an impulse buy and more information will be revealed. More information as in more game titles, reviews, and online services which will be revealed later this year. Maybe just maybe, we will see Super Smash Bros soon in the Online presentation. Anyways, these are some the titles that are coming to the Switch.

Splatoon 2 releases Summer 2017

Super Mario Odyssey releases Holiday 2017

Xenoblade 2 to be announced

Pokémon Stars Holiday 2017

Arms Spring 2017

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on April 28th. (Has much more Downloadable content).

I am Satsuma on LAUNCH

Zelda Breath of the Wild on LAUNCH

Sonic Mania Spring 2017

Fire Emblem Warriors Autumn 2017

Xenoblade 2 itself would make me want to purchase a Nintendo Switch immediately or an updated version of Super Smash Brothers. I know that I am going to get the Switch when it releases, because I love Zelda.

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Will the Wii U Price Decrease because the Nintendo Switch?


Weeks before the Nintendo Switch presentation, the value of the Wii U was increasing. I believe this was due to the announcement of the Wii U shutting down production and obviously because people’s lack of knowledge before the presentation. After the presentation, the value of the Wii U decreased and when I mean decreased I mean astronomically. My theory is people are selling their Wii U’s to get the Nintendo Switch. Also because development of first party software for the Wii U has mostly ended. But the big questions is, will the Wii U’s value keep decreasing?  Let me know your thoughts. I believe this decline will eventually end after the calm of the storm (The Nintendo Switch Hype Train). When everyone becomes settled down with their Nintendo Switch. The value of the Wii U will increase once again not just because of that but because people will see what titles they cannot get on the switch in a year or two. Also because less people will be selling Wii U’s. That’s just my 2 cents, have a good day everyone.

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