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Overthinking Things Too Much!?


Whether it be interviewing for a job, or going out to eat, or trying to figure out how a programming or a math problem works, I think sometimes we can overthink too much. To the point where we make things much more harder or complicated then it actually is. Already thinking of how big a subject is or how hard something is beforehand actually creates a illusion of difficulty that wasn’t even there before. Many smart people overthink too much and sometimes this can stop them from getting something they want that an average person may have because not everything requires deep thought. Sometimes simplicity is the best answer to a problem. Sometimes just going with the flow of how to do something or learn something before thinking what it actually is a whole makes life much easier and solvable. Like in programming you might not know what anything is no matter how much you read about it until you close the book and start trying a few problems. But hey, this is my view on things, I hope you enjoy and have a great day.

Too Many Games and I get Paralysis of Analysis ):

Paralysis of Analysis – The state of over-thinking a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome. In other words having so many things to do that you do nothing at all. The human mind can only take so much. This is what happens to me when I have so many games and activities to do. I have about a hundred games on steam with about 5% of them completed. I bought many of them on the steam winter sale. I was like It’s cheap, so why not buy it? I also have tons of console games too (not bragging) collecting dust that will never seeing the light of day. I start to waste time on social media sites and do nothing productive at all. I wasted hundred of dollars for no value because I don’t have time to do the activity. I work 30-40 hours a week and time is of scarcity,  I have to be cautious about what I do with it but I always seem to waste it. I think if I had some discipline I would be able to overcome it. I remember when I was broke and only had a few games and I enjoyed them all. Now I have so many games that I partially enjoy or so little before I move on to the next. It’s like tasting many food samples, but at the end of the day you’re still hungry. You want more but it’s not making you happy. You would think the more games you have or the more items you have the happier you’ll be. I was mistaken in that case. I don’t know which game to play, I don’t know which one deserves my time. Maybe if I was more minimalistic and buy one game at a time and if I complete that game I’m allowed to buy another. That way when the time is ready I can buy a new game with it maybe costing less because I’m not buying it on launch.

Some console games I have yet to finish: Xenoblade Chronicles X, Paper Mario Color Splash, Pokémon Sun and Moon, Mario Maker, Final Fantasy XV, Kirby Planet Robobot.

PC games I have yet to finish: Stardew Valley, Starbound, Mount and Warband, and so many others.

Things I have yet to learn completely: Java programming, C# programming

Let me know if you guys have experienced something similar.