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Nintendo Switch Review (March 6th)

nintendo wheel

Let me get the obvious out the way first, the Nintendo Switch is a great console when it comes to portability from handheld to console as its flawless and easy. The UI is very responsive and fast, going back to the home menu is like a snap of the fingers.

As for the library of games at launch, it’s disappointing, only about five games to play. So if you don’t like Zelda, then there isn’t much for you to enjoy until at least April when indie games hit the market and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes out. Some of the indie games next month will be implementing HD RUMBLE which will be exciting.

Do I enjoy the Nintendo Switch? Only because of Zelda I do, otherwise I wouldn’t like it that much because there isn’t much software to enjoy. I’m not going to buy 1 – 2 switch, so I will have to wait to feel the new tech in the joycons. I spent $540 which is a lot of money and even with the new Zelda game it doesn’t feel justifiable, yet (I haven’t beat the game to see how good it is, only 8 hours in). However, I think at the end of the year, the switch will be amazing because lots of software and future releases to look forward too that we’ve never seen before.

Online? There isn’t much, its bare bones right now with nothing fancy, very simplified with only adding friends and thats basically it. No online games really, except for Bomberman which uses this functionality.

The pro controller is okay, I’m not too crazy about it. I prefer the joycons attached to the base remote that comes with the Switch. It seems that my thumb has to reach too far to reach the right toggle stick which leads to finger exhaustion in me after a while. I didn’t get 1-2 switch because I heard and saw reviews that the game was a waste of money for the amount of content. But I think ARMS will really show the magic of the joycons in which I have yet to feel (Because Zelda doesn’t include HD Rumble.)

Verdict? Probably wait, if you wan’t to make the smartest choice. If you like Zelda, then why not? Only a few more months until we get lots more content :). Might as well enjoy that  Zelda on that Switch.

Will the Wii U Price Decrease because the Nintendo Switch?


Weeks before the Nintendo Switch presentation, the value of the Wii U was increasing. I believe this was due to the announcement of the Wii U shutting down production and obviously because people’s lack of knowledge before the presentation. After the presentation, the value of the Wii U decreased and when I mean decreased I mean astronomically. My theory is people are selling their Wii U’s to get the Nintendo Switch. Also because development of first party software for the Wii U has mostly ended. But the big questions is, will the Wii U’s value keep decreasing?  Let me know your thoughts. I believe this decline will eventually end after the calm of the storm (The Nintendo Switch Hype Train). When everyone becomes settled down with their Nintendo Switch. The value of the Wii U will increase once again not just because of that but because people will see what titles they cannot get on the switch in a year or two. Also because less people will be selling Wii U’s. That’s just my 2 cents, have a good day everyone.

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Super Smash Bros for Switch?


No show of Super Smash Bros coming for the switch, not even a word about it. However, I believe it will come later to switch due to them showing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looks like a updated version of the previous game with more downloadable content. There is no way in the world they would not bring Smash Bros to the Switch because it’s their biggest title on the Wii U. Importing the game to switch like they did with Mario Kart 8 wouldn’t take so long (I think). So, they must be adding more content even though in the past they said they wouldn’t further update the game. They probably need to get the new online systems running first and they will add that to Smash Bros along with new DLC. Maybe a Smash Bros Deluxe HD version sooner or later. A much more competitive online experience perhaps with achievements and ranks. Since we are now going to have to pay for new online services for Switch. They probably will implement JoyCons and the new pro controller. I predict holiday 2017 is when we will see a better Smash Bros, we just need to be patient.