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Overthinking Things Too Much!?


Whether it be interviewing for a job, or going out to eat, or trying to figure out how a programming or a math problem works, I think sometimes we can overthink too much. To the point where we make things much more harder or complicated then it actually is. Already thinking of how big a subject is or how hard something is beforehand actually creates a illusion of difficulty that wasn’t even there before. Many smart people overthink too much and sometimes this can stop them from getting something they want that an average person may have because not everything requires deep thought. Sometimes simplicity is the best answer to a problem. Sometimes just going with the flow of how to do something or learn something before thinking what it actually is a whole makes life much easier and solvable. Like in programming you might not know what anything is no matter how much you read about it until you close the book and start trying a few problems. But hey, this is my view on things, I hope you enjoy and have a great day.

Too Much Repetitiveness in Games Nowadays


Gaming can feel like a chore to me some days. When you have played so many games you start to see a pattern. A pattern of go fight this monster, destroy a hundred of this enemy, and farm 300 potatoes to unlock carrots. Fetch quests, grinding monsters to level up, and FPS games where you don’t unlock anything can be a bore. It feels like a job I should be getting paid for. There Is barely no more surprise or reward unlocks anymore because they have been replaced by micro-transactions and laziness. Collecting is fun and all but not in the way Final Fantasy XV does it. Hey can you go to point B to press the X button to collect this item and come back to point A to collect your reward. Hey can you go to point B to destroy this monster and come back to point A to collect your reward. Hey can you go to point B to take this picture and come back to point A to collect your reward. This will make you fall asleep. Mindless, zero-brain- activity needed fetch quests. My guinea pig could complete the quest without even looking at the screen or touching the controller. Anyone and I mean anyone on this planet can make this crap up. Quantity over Quality is almost never a good idea. You see this in a lot of RPG games and MMOs. I wouldn’t mind these quests as much if every once in a while you give us a meaningful one or something surprising happens. Call of Duty Franchise, don’t even get me started, you do not need an explanation. More repetitiveness, Triple A developers keep making the same games in a Franchise every year. I have no problem with that but at least make the game good instead of another carbon copy for $60. The only hope left is the indie developers, Nintendo, and Virtual Reality.