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How a Week Off Work Affected Me!

I recently got a week off work and this is what happened to me.

  • I became way more focused and consistent in my daily activities. And I didn’t multi-task as much and look at social media sites that often.
  • I became immersed in videogames again, studying, and doing whatever I wanted to do because I had a lot of energy, motivation, and time.
  • I felt way better, happier, and my quality of life rose.
  • The only bad thing that happened was that I started to feel lazy, but that was easily negotiated by running to the store. (Only good thing about minimum wage work is that exercise.)

Yeah I could use many more weeks off 🙂

Working On Other Peoples Dreams But Not On Our Dreams!


How come people can work a nine to five job for others, but can’t work a nine to five job for themselves, to accomplish their dreams? People are told by their managers to do something they might not like all the time. But when it comes to telling themselves to do something, it becomes impossible! “I’m too lazy”, “I don’t feel like it”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I got this game to watch”. People do the same thing over and over again, each and every day, and are clueless and lazy to what is happening. They are being controlled by their feelings and lack discipline to control themselves. Me? I’m still struggling to work for myself. It’s not easy, or maybe it is, I don’t know. But what I do know from people who have accomplished major things in life, is that discipline is one of the keys. It’s one of the most important traits that will get us things done whether we feel like it or not. Here are a few explanations on why I think it is hard for people to get things done.

Limiting Beliefs – Limits that people cast on themselves and others like a curse. They feel like they can’t do something because of reasons that may or may not be true. The scariest part of this is when people aren’t even aware that they have limiting beliefs. How would someone go about breaking their limiting beliefs if they aren’t even aware of them? “I can’t learn algebra”, is a good example because in most cases that is not true. A lot of people who don’t know algebra can’t figure out the most common sense things to do. They will go through loads of nonsense and never figure it out. Some copy homework from others, but when it comes to test time, oh dear lord. Some will make excuses to make self-fulfilling prophecies come true, “see I told you I can’t do it”, and so it is true. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford. When all they had to do at the end of the day is open an algebra book and read it. Or maybe read the math books that came before it.

Lack of Discipline – The lack of order and obedience to control ourselves. Since we were a little child, we have been disciplined to behave in a certain manner or else we are deemed weird and that something is wrong with us. We have to act a certain way to get and keep a job. While at our job, I think most people are disciplined enough by society to keep their job and not flip out. Also some of us don’t want to lose our only money-making methods and get fired. The question that bothers me is, why can’t we have the same discipline that we have at work? Is it because at work we only have very few things were allowed to do, so we aren’t distracted? I mean a lot of us can’t control ourselves from the distractions and diversions that run our lives at home (television, social media, cellphones). Is this the loop we put ourselves through to get over the lack of fun at work? Maybe if we had less materialistic objects, became a minimalist, and cleared our minds of things to do, we would have enough mental clarity to be able to accomplish our dreams.

Lack of Faith People that don’t believe in themselves enough to make anything happen. Why waste time if we have already reasoned with ourselves on why we cant do something? Lack of faith and Lack of Discipline are knocking on our skulls here, buy one get one free. You know how some people are cheapskates with money and waste time like its nothing? Well, they wouldn’t be fussing over money and being cheapskates if they knew how to use their time well to make it. Okay maybe they would still remain cheap, but at least they would know how to use their time more wisely.

I will end this deep topic here, I could go into deeper thought but I think this is good for now. Goodluck to everyone that is trying to accomplish their dreams.

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How I go about Choosing a Good Videogame


Choosing the right videogame to buy can be challenging. My first thought is what type of games do I enjoy the most, whether it be RPG, Strategy, or FPS. If the game scores above 7 out of 10 between many reviewers then the game will be on my radar for buying. I then look at all the trailers I can find and lets plays. Finally I look at what crowd does the game appeal too. Does the game appeal mostly to Casuals? How seriously can I take their opinions and reviews if they don’t game that much to have any experience with similar titles? Does the game appeal to Hardcore Competitive Gamers who dedicate hours on end and sink almost every thought they could in the game. Yeah, I think I’ll take the Hardcore gamers opinion more seriously.



If the game is on steam I check the reviews and average out the amount of gameplay hours between about twenty people. It’s to gain a gist of how long I will be playing it. The amount hours you play in a game should be related to how much money you should spend on a game. If a game gives 3 hours of gameplay and only costs $1 then you are HIGHLY LIKELY to get value then getting a disappointment. Now if you spend $60 on a videogame and you saw it had good reviews and it only had 10 hours of gameplay, was it really worth it? Maybe. You are risking $60 for a CHANCE to get a good game. Minimum wage in USA is about 7 dollars an hour, so 10 hours of gameplay should = $70 right, I got the value I wanted, right? Only if you truly enjoyed the experience that you couldn’t stop thinking about it, then yes it was. There are just too many crappy games nowadays to justify risking $60 dollars to be honest.


If developers spent many years on a game then I am more likely to buy it. Chances are it’s polished and loved with the dedication of time. If the developers spent a year or less on the game then you are more likely going to get crap. Remember, time is priceless. So developers who spend the most time to create a game build the most value, and you are least likely to be disappointed.

To sum it up, buy a game if it has good reviews. If it appeals to your crowd and you watched a lot of trailers you liked. The amount of time you get in a game versus what you paid for it is great and that the game was fun. Lastly how much time has the developer sunk into the game to make it as good as it possibly can.

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