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Xbox One X is it Worth a Buy?

xbox chip

Xbox One X has just been announced (Code name “Project Scorpio”). Is it really worth $499 dollars?

Hmm…. Let me think about it…..

At the moment the Xbox One X is NOT worth a buy in my opinion. Better graphics at 4k resolution is not worth it right now if you don’t have enough money to throw away like its raining money. But but but…. Did I say but?  The power is there! And it can play huge games with massive open worlds in gorgeous 4k graphics and that there….. is worth a buy! But…. wait. There aren’t even enough games worthwhile right now to use such power :(.  Perhaps next year when they announce Halo six and other titles that harness this power will it be so desirable. It’s just, the Xbox One X has not been out long enough for developers to be cooking up new titles to release on it to make us shed a tear of what we’d been missing this whole time. I’d say wait a year from now. It’s too early to buy it right now. But if I could get it for the price of Xbox One S at $250, then heck yes!






Gaming on PC or Console?


PC versus Console, which one is better? PC (personal computer) is without a doubt much more superior in “hardware” compared to its electronic cousins, the consoles. Without a PC, consoles wouldn’t be that successful because developers need computers to make games. PC is also a powerhouse in software and tools and houses thousands of exclusive games. You can surf the internet, shop, watch movies, and create so many things like, art videos, videogames, and blogs. The PC has changed the world enormously. PC is also upgradable, the graphics are upgradeable enough to make the consoles graphics look laughable. Also you can have the best version of virtual reality, what can’t a PC do? Be cheap, that’s what it cannot do. If money wasn’t a problem, the PC would outweigh consoles in capabilities by a hundred mountains and more, in my opinion. Anyways, why buy a console then? Because, even though the PC looks like a rich kid that owns everything and is pitch perfect, the reality is he/she doesn’t have everything. Good PC’s are expensive and spending $300 (near cost of a console) only qualifies one to play Minecraft on low settings. Consoles on the other hand are cheap and have exclusives that PC doesn’t have. Also Consoles have different services and hardware benefits then the PC, unlike the past where it didn’t.

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Reasons to buy a Xbox One Console over PC –  If you are a competitive gamer and love online capabilities and services along with exclusive games that take full advantage of this, Halo and Gears of War. The console is $299 + taxes and has a lot of features. No other console compares to online services like Xbox One and don’t even try to say the Wii U or the PlayStation 4. You can play with hundreds of friends, message each other by text or microphone, gain achievements, and have the most flexibility and freedom out of competitive online gaming. Not to mention you can listen to music while playing games and have multiple screens on the television for movies and apps. The downside of this console is the lack of first party exclusives and you can scratch Scalebound from that list because that has been cancelled. A controversy about the Xbox One is its owned by Microsoft which is good and bad. Xbox One’s biggest weakness is the lack of first party titles and considering that Microsoft has many businesses, I start to believe it’s not their main priority.

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Reasons to buy a Wii U Console over PC – If you love Super Smash Bros, innovation with hardware that gives you different ways to play a game, and only spending $299 + taxes. The graphics are good but not mind blowing like the PC. You can make use of the gamepad’s touchscreen features and play mini-games that involve throwing ninja stars, cutting pieces of paper, coloring pictures, hide and seek, shooting bows, and etc.. Too be honest, the use of the Wii U gamepad really never reached its full potential because of the lack of developers. The biggest downsides of the Wii U is the lack of third-party games and by far the weakest online capabilities. There was no real microphone use and talking to other people was as bad as using telegraphs from the 1800s. The friends list was mediocre and joining other players was a mental challenge. Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, and Mario Kart 8 were the only titles that made very good use of the little online features. There was rarely any lag while playing with others and the gameplay was flawless. The greatest strengths of the Wii U are the first party games and gamepad. Most of the first party games felt cherished and loved and received very high review scores. Nintendo truly knows how to make “fun” games and is a company who is driven at its best to make it happen.


Reasons to buy a PlayStation 4 over PC – PlayStation 4’s greatest strengths are the cheapest virtual reality headsets for $399 and best console graphics. They also have more first party exclusives then the Xbox One but IMO not as good as Nintendo’s. The online is good and better than the Wii U’s online. However, its online is not as good as Xbox One. PlayStation is a great console.

You may be wondering what platform I spend the most time on, that would be the PC. There is so many things to do on it. As for my most spent time Console, that would be the Wii U because the games are phenomenal. The next would be the Xbox One because I love competitive games and playing with friends. At the end of the day PC could never replace consoles. Even if I have a thousand dollar PC with many games.

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The Problems with Final Fantasy XV


I’m level 35 now in Final Fantasy XV with 25 hours of gameplay and I think I can finally give an impression of the game.

Thee Regalia Car


Immediately I was turned off from playing the game when I had to ride in a car. But cars are fun, why are you complaining? Rides can take up to ten minutes, more or less, to reach a quest location. You don’t even have full control over the car when you select manual driving. I literally go to the bathroom and browse my computer while I’m waiting to reach my destination. Sitting there and watching four dudes drive a car for ten minutes is sleep provoking. The good thing is you can upgrade the looks of your car and make it go faster, but honestly? Is it worth it? To me It’s a hindrance and burden of playing the game.

Thee Grind of Thy Quests

Car + Grind Quest with no relevance = boredom

Quests that I have encountered so far are all the SAME. You go there and fight this monster, you go to another location to fetch some ingredients. You go to another location and pick up some cart parts. Most of these quests are literally the same, there’s nothing unique about them. The items you pick up, whether it be cart parts, ingredients, or ores, are all the same object, they are shiny blue orbs to represent the object. After you travel across the world to complete your quest, you need to come back to get your reward. Really?

A Tale of Many Scenes


What happened to the fantastic story cutscenes like in previous Final Fantasies, Square? What happened to the character building to make me care about the characters. Square Enix, these are the best strengths you have. There are barely any cut scenes to get my adrenaline going. Another thing, every cutscene looks like it’s made differently. There was even a movie cutscene I saw you place from the terrible movie incarnation of Final Fantasy XV. What in tarnation were you thinking? What’s the main characters name again? I forgot. Oh Prince Noctis was it? How about the other three dudes?

Besides all that, the game is sort of fun. I like the combat, although I prefer normal Final Fantasy combat with turns. It’s not an I can’t go to sleep I must play type of game or I need to jump out bed when I wake up type of game. I think I need to keep playing to get into the deeper roots of the game. It’s going to be challenging (hint hint) but alas it shall be done.


How I go about Choosing a Good Videogame


Choosing the right videogame to buy can be challenging. My first thought is what type of games do I enjoy the most, whether it be RPG, Strategy, or FPS. If the game scores above 7 out of 10 between many reviewers then the game will be on my radar for buying. I then look at all the trailers I can find and lets plays. Finally I look at what crowd does the game appeal too. Does the game appeal mostly to Casuals? How seriously can I take their opinions and reviews if they don’t game that much to have any experience with similar titles? Does the game appeal to Hardcore Competitive Gamers who dedicate hours on end and sink almost every thought they could in the game. Yeah, I think I’ll take the Hardcore gamers opinion more seriously.



If the game is on steam I check the reviews and average out the amount of gameplay hours between about twenty people. It’s to gain a gist of how long I will be playing it. The amount hours you play in a game should be related to how much money you should spend on a game. If a game gives 3 hours of gameplay and only costs $1 then you are HIGHLY LIKELY to get value then getting a disappointment. Now if you spend $60 on a videogame and you saw it had good reviews and it only had 10 hours of gameplay, was it really worth it? Maybe. You are risking $60 for a CHANCE to get a good game. Minimum wage in USA is about 7 dollars an hour, so 10 hours of gameplay should = $70 right, I got the value I wanted, right? Only if you truly enjoyed the experience that you couldn’t stop thinking about it, then yes it was. There are just too many crappy games nowadays to justify risking $60 dollars to be honest.


If developers spent many years on a game then I am more likely to buy it. Chances are it’s polished and loved with the dedication of time. If the developers spent a year or less on the game then you are more likely going to get crap. Remember, time is priceless. So developers who spend the most time to create a game build the most value, and you are least likely to be disappointed.

To sum it up, buy a game if it has good reviews. If it appeals to your crowd and you watched a lot of trailers you liked. The amount of time you get in a game versus what you paid for it is great and that the game was fun. Lastly how much time has the developer sunk into the game to make it as good as it possibly can.

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